Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy 4th of Ju...wait. It's Thanksgiving!

Its just so stinkin´ hot, that i forgot its november!

This week was wonderful.
We had so many neat experiences teaching our investigators this week.
Vinicius is 17 years old. He wants to know Christ bette. We helped him and his dad stop smoking this week and stop drinking coffee. Vinicius smoked more or less 20 cigarettes everyday and hasnt smoked even one this week. He is progressing towards baptism which is exciting. He has a really sweet experience when he prayed about The Book of Mormon. He said he felt this peace and relief come over him and he knows that it is true. That is a miracle.

We are teaching another woman named Alaid. She studies the Bible everyday and has grown up catholic but is very receptive in learning more about Jesus Christ. We taught her about the gospel and repentance and baptism. We focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and then taught about the Restoration is His gospel. His church is truly on the earth today and The Book of Mormon is evidence of that. We introduced it to her and she is just feasting on it. She studies and marks her questions and is loving it. She is truly investigating and feeling the Spirit when she reads. It is truly fun to teach her.

There are two more families from this week that i really want to share about but my time is limited. I will try to write it all down and explain it when i have more time.

Summarizing, this week I had lots of experiences with the Spirit. People asked me questions that I, Megan, do not even know how to answer. But when the moment came, the Spirit whispered how to explain that certain thing and it was really cool because I felt like a true instrument. I did not know how to teach, but the Spirit taught through me. I love that.

This week I was studying part of a Brad Wilcox talk called The Law of the Gospel. It talks a lot about grace and the Atonement, and what it means to become. Im loving it. Here are some quotes to ponder on.

´´ Trying and slipping and trying again is not mocking God as much as it is honoring Him by using the gift of the Atonement that He and His son so lovingly have provided.´´

´´We don´t partake of the sacrament because we´re worthy, we partake of the sacrament because we are willing to become worthy. We dont go to church because we are perfect, we go because we are willing to be perfected. and we certainly dont go on a mission or go to the temple because we have ´´made it´´ in our mormon culture...we go to these sacred environments becxause it is there where the Lord is making us.´´

´´Enduring to the end does not mean living without errors, it means living in the covenant despite errors.´´

´´We often feel we have to qualify for the very ordinance and grace that makes us worthy.´´ (talking about the sacrament)

I love the scripture in Ether 12:27. I have come to understand it more and more on my mission.

The miracle of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that we can change! He lived, bled, suffered, and died, so that we could apply His grace in our lives and change. We can become.

I love my Savior. I am so grateful for His mercy and His Atonement and the miracle of repentance. It is a privilege and a true honor to serve as a missionary for Him and to see Him change people´s lives. I am a living testimony that Jesus Christ lives and that He loves us. How could we ever doubt that? I love this gospel and testify that this is His restored church on the earth today that is led by a true prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson. The fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that He saw God and Jesus Christ and translated The Book of Mormon by the power of God is clear to me. I know these things by the power of the Holy Ghost. If you are not sure today, kneel down and ask God. Know for YOURSELF these truths.

Sister Penni

(some pictures from our zone pday and from this week)

another week!

This week was crazy! Here are some pictures from our adventures this week and ill send more later. I got to clean the baptismal font which means....yes you guessed it.... 2 baptisms im our ward! We have 2 companionships of sisters here and 2 people were baptized this weekend! We had the privilege of helping them teach  few of the lessons and it was so wonderful to see them get baptized. Clemildo and Sandra. It was a really special day.
Arapongas is great and we are excited to meet more investigators!
I love my companion, Sister Marshall and we are just happy here.

I love feeling the spirit so frequently here on my mission and i know that this is the church of Jesus Christ here on the earth. The Book of Mormon IS the word of God and we will draw closer to HIm as we read it!]

Boa semana, family!

P DAY Fun!

Pday de zona this week!
I will write more next week! I'm sorry I'm so short on time!

Please pray for our investigators! Help the missionaries this week! Give them a good reference and then go with them to the lesson. Bring somebody to church this week!

Michigan Companion!

Meet Sister Marshall from Michigan, USA!
My new companion!
Surprise, we were transferred AGAIN!

I am now in Arapongas serving with 2 other sisters and it is wonderful!

I absolutely love serving a mission and being a representative of Jesus Christ. Feeling the Spirit is a true blessing and i know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that we can always change. This is a gospel of change.

Because of Him, we can all decide and work to change our hearts and minds regardless of who we are, where we are from, or what we have done. I know that the Atonement is real and that Heavenly Father loves us. He has been very merciful with me in my life.

Have a wonderful week!!!

This week

Hi family! This week was great!

A recent convert and his wife had their first baby this week. Adorable.
I almost melted yesterday in the sun. Casual.
We also visited with one of our favorite recent convert members, Tereza.

This week we taught a lot of lessons and we are trying to find more people to teach. I know that the Lord will bless us as we work hard.

Marcos came to church again on sunday and is trying to quit smoking. He loves coming but is struggling with his addiction. He is learning how to pray this week.

Lorran came to church and is reading the book of mormon.

Jennifer came to church too and wants to know more about The Restoration.

On sunday, we got to teach gospel principles about eternal marriage and it was so cool to testify to them that i know of the blessings of the temple because two missionaries brought that to my house about 19 years ago. I loved feeling the spirit in that class.

Have a great week!

Sister Penni