Monday, June 20, 2016

Sister Milkiewicz

ATTENTION: The address of the mission changed this week. So when you send letters and packages, you send them to this NEW address.

Sister Penni
Missão Brasil Londrina
Rua Belo Horizonte 1236
86020-060 Brasil

It was a fantastic week with my new companion, Sister Milkiewicz. She is from Canela, Rio Grande do Sul and has almost 5 months of her mission. Guys, on saturday i make 7 months of my mission already. WOAH!

We had a great week of making contacts and meeting new people to teach and we are really relying on the Spirit to find the chosen people!

Tomorrow we are traveling with a lot of other missionaries to Londrina for a conference with our president who is changing soon. Very excited.

Not a ton to report this week but things are going really well and we are just working hard! I feel super blessed be on this mission and to be learning what i am learning.

I love you all!
Happy Fathers Day!
Happy 4th of July!

staying in maringa

This week was great! Flew by! We are just working with awesome investigators and talking to everybody!

I discovered that David Archuleta wrote a song for the church about the My Family pamphlet about geneology- Nunca Pensa. Look it up! Its in spanish and filmed in Chile (where he served his mission) and its really a cool video. Family Home Evening- planned.

Happy summer everybody! Lets make a goal starting today to read the book of Mormon every single day. Make a fun calendar or bookmark ors omething and make it a daily priority! I finished it in portuguese for the first time this week!

Also, family home evening once a week is SO important! We were given families to strengthen one another! There are so many cool videos, and movies, and scriptures that we can use to make family night fun once a week. Summer goal #2. :)

Not a lot to report this week but things are going really well. Here is a picture with our investigator Lorran. 

Love you all!!!

Sister Penni

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 6th

The email self erased again.....

Another week in Maringá!!

Eder was baptized!!! We met him in the street and he talked with us for over an hour about his life ( he talks a LOT!) and we taught him about commandments and the gospel right there in the street. He agreed to hear our messages and said he wanted to change his life- and he did. Eder took the first step of faith yesterady and was baptized after repenting and changing his life to be in accordance with the commandments. He spoke of his testimony of the gospel and the church and his gratitude for the opportunity. He said he wishes this opportunity for everyone he knows and it truly is a privilege to be part of this big change in his life. He removed his ear piercing, stopped drinking, smoking, and drinking coffee and today has a testimony of a loving Savior.

What a blessing it is so be a missionary! We can all be missionaries. I know the Savior lives. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Penni