Monday, December 12, 2016


Ok- so I know ive been promising lots of updates for a few weeks but this week is super busy again. Our apartment has a big problem and all of the dirty water from our apartment block is rising in our kitchen and our house flooded. So we caught a taxi and are sleeping at the apartment of other sisters. Such a blessing lol. Dont worry, we are fine and we will all laugh about it much much later :)

I am currently in Foz de IguaƧu. We traveled all night on a bus, me and my companion, and are going on splits this week as Sister Training leaders. The surprise is that our president authorized me and my companion to go to the famous waterfalls today because it is pday and im freaking out im so excited! I will send pictures and postcards next week.

We found a man this week who almost was baptized with other sisters but is having trouble quitting to smoke, and we found him by some miracle and are starting to teach him and help him come back again. Huge miracle.

This week was definitely not easy, but I feel the Lord blessing us and protecting us. So many more things could have gone wrong and when my companion and I started to count our blessings during our hard times, everything became much easier.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He lives. I know that when we pray, Heavenly Father hears us.


Please forgive me for not responding individually. SKype is coming up! It will be 1 hour and a half this year!

Another Busy Week

We had a mission tour with Elder and Sister Bassett and were so spiritually filled.

One thing I loved that Sister Bassett said was that we need to see ourselves in the Joseph Smith story. We all have or had the same doubts that he had. If we will see things from his perspective and ask God if these things are true, we will feel the truth of them through the Spirit.
The fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God is clear to me. I dont have doubts about that.
but if you do, ask God. He always sees us.
Quebec is my new area and I am loving it. Here are a few photos from this week.
Love you!