Sunday, July 31, 2016

Semana 36!!

Can you believe ive been on my mission for 36 weeks already?!
Transfers today! Im being transferred to the Big City lol. Londrina!!!
Im sad to leave the people here that ive worked with for almost 5 months but im happy for a new adventure in a new area and I have lots of high hopes and faith in the next area!

This week we saw miracles. Literally. We could not work on monday or tuesday because of conference with the new president (whom I love by the way) and friday, my companion was super sick so we passed the day at the health clinic. Between wednesday and thursday, we made a lot of contacts and knocked a lot of doors and got some addresses to return to on saturday. As we returned, we realized and go tto know that these people we had met were truly special and were chosen  and prepared for us to come back. FOUR OF THEM went to church with us for the first time on sunday and had a wonderful experience. How grateful I am to know that even though we could not do everything we wanted to this week, that as we prayed to know where to go, the Spirit guided ust o the people that angels were already preparing. I know for a fact that we are just instruments in the hands of God and I am so grateful for that privilege!

This week, we didn't have the chance to pass by one of the people we met this week because he wasn´t home. We arrived home saturday night and after calling a few people, decided to call him to remind him about church and see if he would go. Then a miracle happened. He told me on the phone that he will most definitely be going to church because RIGHT BEFORE i called, he was on his knees praying to God and the instant that he stood up, the phone rang and we were calling to invite him to church again. What a miracle and perfect timing. I testify that I did not do anything and that it was only because we are trying to follow the Spirit that this really sweet experience happened. My testimony and certainly his grew this weekend.

Sunday night, we were walking on one of the main Avenues of Maringá headed to teach some recent converts. We passed by a man who was in a wheelchair but really young and had one leg who was smoking. We passed by and for some reason I thought about him being baptized. As I was about to turn around and go back to talk to him, he said to us, Can I ask you guys a question? (hint- missionaries LOVE this question). He ended up explaining to us about his accident where he lost his leg and had lots of things happen to him. He had a  132 surgeries in each of two hospitals.  He smokes and drinks and has also been kicked out of many of the churches in Maringá because of physical disability. (how horrible, right?!) We told him to come to church on sunday and I felt the distinct impression to promise him that if he stopped using those substances, and followed the example of Jesus Christ being baptized by someone who holds authority of God that he will walk again. He told us it is his dream to be able to walk again. I doubted myself for an instant not wanting to promise something that wouldn't happen and received the answer to make him that promise with faith that it would happen. He accepted our help and will be receiving the missionary lessons this week to know which of all the churches is the true church of Jesus Christ. (also love when they ask about that.

You guys- The Spirit testifies in a powerful way when we are willing to follow his promptings. Angels are real and they speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. The Church is true and it is such a privilege to carry the name of the Savior as one of His representatives today. I am so thankful to be here learning so much. I know that Jesus Christ lives.

Have a great week! LOVE YOU ALL!

Another Week!

This week was great! Difficult? Yes. Great? Yes.

We are working really hard over here to find new people to teach and to help our investigators commit to baptism. 

This week i spent a lot of time reflecting on the real importance of the Sabbath Day and how it is becoming a commandment that we sort of keep today and that it is just another day of the week sometimes. The Lord asks us to separate ONE day to remember Him and to serve Him and to worship Him. We have the opportunity to take the sacrament and be cleansed from sin and start new week every sunday. That is such a blessing! Something i am learning on the mission is really how important it is to use Sunday wisely. It is a day of rest. To REST from the daily things of the world and use this day to do our responsibilites that dont work out during the week. For example, i didnt have time to visit that person in need this week so i will REST from facebook for the Lord and go visit that person. I know that sundays are essencial. I love sunday. I am super excited to have a normal Sunday when i get home to use correctly and to really keep the sabbath day holy. 

Sorry to cut it short but i love you guys and know that this gospel is true. There are people in our lives that the Lord has put there for us to bring them to the gospel. Go get them! and then take them to the local missionaries. They will love you for it.

Have a great week!

Monday, July 11, 2016


Things are going great. Sorry to keep it short AGAIN but things are just so busy. One of our investigators is a MIRACLE and so ready and is getting baptized this week so yay!!!!!! Love you guys!!!

Here is me on sunday with one of my favorite brazilians ever- Zélia. 
Almost 8 months already.

(This is Brooke and I just have to say isn't Megan such a GODDESS.)

Short Update!

This week will be short- probably just an update for the family. I'm doing great but am super short on time today! Here is a picture with some of my favorite people from Haiti this week. Love serving a mission. Miss you guys and love you all!

2 Nephi 2:25 Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have JOY!

Our purpose in this life is to be happy! Full of joy! Smiling!

We are members of the restored church of Jesus Christ Himself. Only about 15 million people on earth right now cam say that. Be happy!

Keep the commandments. All of them. Happiness lays in them.

I know this is true and am grateful for the knowledge we have through the gospel. Do we truly know what we have?

Have a great week and happy fourth of July!

Love USA. and brasil.

-Sister Penni

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pictures from Zone Conference!

This week was super busy but i just cant describe in words the Spirit we felt and the miracles we are seeing. We are meeting people who are absolutely ready to hear the gospel and they are found in the places we didn't even plan to go. The Lord is working here in Maringá for sure. I am so thankful to be part of this process of finding His children and bringing them the good news. My companion is wonderful. We are having lots of challenges (not between us haha) and we are learning so much.

This week was difficult and we worked so hard and did not have a great turn out at church and that was really hard for me to swallow- but I understood a little bit more of how our Heavenly Father feels.

Gotta keep it short this week but i will try and explain more next time :)
Be an example to everyone for good. Welcome the new people at church.

Love you!

Sister Penni
Pics from Zone conference in Londrina