Sunday, April 24, 2016

another email-maringa


Hope everybody is doing well, we are doing super great here in Maringá! Here is a photo of me and my companion, Sister Rocha. She loves rock music, red lipstick, and we laugh a ton together. She is wonderful.

This week Fuanel (from Haiti) was baptized! He just is such an example of faith and accepted baptism and goes to church every sunday and is just great. There are a lot of Haitians here in Brasil looking for work for their families so it has been cool to get to know a lot of them.

Also- we saw a true miracle this week. We set a goal of two baptisms this transfer with a lot of faith. Maringá can be a very difficult area to work in and finding people to teach has been a challenge. This week at church a recent convert asked us to visit his friend who has come with him to church many many times. The problem is he does not speak any portuguese. Only Creol. We went there to teach him and his recent convert friend helped us translate. By a miracle, his friend Mileon accepted a baptismal date for this Saturday. I was so touched by his willingness to follow the example of the Savior. Just think about it- he has gone to church so many times and does not understand one single word of it, but keeps coming back. What a testimony of the power of the Spirit at church. He keeps coming back because of how he feels inside the church and is not taking the first step to return to our Father in Heaven solely with faith that it is all true. Miracles happen according to our faith and i know that only our Father in Heaven through the Spirit prepared Mileon before we even met him.

I received word from my old companion that one of our investigators Gabriella that we taught together accepted baptism! I am so happy that she is getting baptized! Miracles truly happen people! Its a real thing! Always plant a seed because you never know what will come of it otherwise!

Maringá is great and we are doing well! It is super hot, like usual, but im loving it. Miss all of you and love all of you! Read the scriptures. Every single day. Never let a day go by without opening those sacred books.

Love you all!
Boa semana pra vocês!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Hello Family!

I have arrived in Maringá and am with my new companion, Sister Rocha, from Rio de Janeiro. She has a 4 ish months left on her mission and she is super wonderful! 
We live in an apartment that overlooks a lot of cool trees and houses. I have met a lot of the Recent Converts here and they are all super cool, some of which are going to serve missions soon. Super Cool! I just arrived so I dont have a ton to report but this is going to be a good transfer. Because of mothers day, it is only 5 weeks long so the people going home are home before mothers day, so we only have a month left until transfers again!

Wasnt conference so great? I loved it. I am also excited to read the talks in english soon lol. Also, it was super cool to be in a country where a temple was announced. Belem is not close to here, but there was so much excitement in the chapel when another temple in Brasil was announced.

I dont have a ton of time this week but will work on taking some pictures this week! I am well and happy! Love you all! Read the Book of Mormon and dont let conference just be something that happened this weekend. Cherish the words of the prophet of God. 

Love you all!

Love Megan