Sunday, April 9, 2017

one month!

a little over a month and she'll be home!

Sister Email

I have absolutely no time this week and thats sad because i really wanted to talk with you guys, but next week we will talk a little more (I HOPE!) Next monday is transfers week, AHH!

I am super excited for General Conference this weekend and i hope that you guys soak it all up too! Write me about your spiritual experiences. I know for certain that this is Jesus Christ´s Church. If you dont know for certain yet, THATS OK. I didnt know until i came here.  But i figured out how to get my own questions answered here. Ask God and it shall be answered. I know thats true!

You are all beautiful and i cant wait to be reunited wiht my Sisters!!!!!

Love you all! Here is me with sister tyson. you guys would love her.



Some of the many adventures of Sister Kalee Jae Tyson and Sister Megan Dawn Penni.
We love eating these pastels and juice on pday...

Sister Tyson

This week I did a lot of office work because we are planning a conference with all the sisters in the mission! It will be great! 
We kept super busy and Sister Tyson´s feet are getting better, yay!!
I heard back from BYU this week and I was accepted to Provo, Utah so I will start there in the Fall.

New Area- Leonor

This week, me and my companion arrived in our new area, Leonor!
Lots of adventures in getting to know the area and the members.
We also had a leadership council and i was asked to give a training on working with the members and I had the privilege of bearing my testimony of missionary work and sharing my familys experience. I feel so fortunate that the missionaries found my family and that my parents accepted the gospel and that I have the opportunity to be sealed to my family for all time and eternity and serve in the Brazil Londrina Mission. It was a great experience and we all left more motivated to search for souls.
We also met many wonderful members this week (active and inactive) and had the opportunity to teach some great families. Please pray that the members here invite their friends and famlies to hear us and that we can find the people prepared for us here.
I absolutely adore my companion, Sister Tyson. She has taught me so many things during our short time together. She taught me that happiness is always a choice and never depends on our circumstances. We laugh and work together all day long and she is just such a blessing.
Invite somebody to come to your home and hear a message from the missionaries this week. They are much more likely to accept an invitation to hear a message about Jesus Christ than about your church.
Love you all!!
Here are some pictures of us with our new best friends in our ward. Their mom is a member that is coming back to church and their dad isnt a member. We taught them about the importance of families yesterday. It was a great experience!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Divisions and Miracles

This week i was traveling again to do divisions with sisters in our mission. In the photos, you´ll see SIster Mello, Sister Ferreira, Sister Oliveira etc. It was fun and tiring. We taught a lot of people and felt the Spirit so I call it a success.

Also in the photos, y ou´ll see me with Monick. Her and her mom are investigating the church and they went to church on sunday and loved it! The ward was super accepting and they felt right at home. Do people who visit our ward feel that way? I hope so!

Also, someone very dear to my heart, our investigator Kamilla. She has passed through so many challenges in her family and we had a really sweet experience with her this week of her bearing her testimony to us about the peace that she found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her testimony of The Book of Mormon and the plan that Heavenly Father has for us inspires me to keep finding more people. These moments of true changes of heart and conversion are why we keep going. I love being a missionary and I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent the greatest life that ever walked the earth, Jesus Christ.

I was transferred to another ward in Londrina and I will be training Sister Tyson, YAY!
I am super excited to work super hard.

I love you all!

another week!

some pictures from this week.
So many adventures from traveling this week that i wish i had time to tell you.
Sister Sadleir and i had a blast!
Carol and Dilson were baptized in Sister Sadleir´s old ward and we went to help out. They are one big converted and happy family. I love seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ can and does change lives, including my own. I know that this church is true. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know the Savior better during this time serving Him. I know that He lives.

Love you guys!!

awesome week

This week was AWESOME.

One of the members brought a friend with her to church last sunday and we got to know her. Her name is camilla and this sunday she went to church again, and we taught her the Restoration yesterday and she has so much desire to learn. She is passing through some really hard trials in her life right now and has been so prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel. When I had the opportunity to recite the First Vision to her and testify of Joseph Smith, it was a spiritually powerful moment. She cried, and we all felt the Spirit flood the room. I testified that she finally found the truth that she has been looking for and that we love her and our Heavenly Father does too. She committed to prepare herself to be baptized and we are just more than excited. I know that there are ALWAYS people around us prepared to hear and accept the gospel. I also was able to feel, again, a certainty that Joseph Smith was truly called as a prophet and that this is His church. I can not deny that I felt and know these things.

Our family of investigators also went to church again on sunday. William, CLaudineia, Ana Clara, Mariani, Maria Luisa, and Maria Eduarda were all there and loved participating. They are working hard towards baptism as well. William is trying to stop smoking and has (im forgetting the english words. ugh) smoken less (???). In other words, he i smoking less than he was before and they are really progressing.

I love my companion, Sister Sadleir. We laugh all day and are really feeling the Spirit so much in this area.

Things are busy as ever, but i love it that way. This week we have a conference tomorrow, traveling to do splits, and lots of buses lol, but we are excited.

Im happy and healthy and so glad that I am here.
This week, make a goal of watching The Restoration video and pray to know (or know again) that these things are true. Then, give somebody, anybody, a Book of Mormon this week. Ready, go!

Love, Sister Penni

new companion

 Hello fa mily!

This week is extremely busy. I have a new companion again, Sister Sadleir. She is from San DIego California and i love her to pieces! Yay!
We are working here in Quebec and working with an amazing family who are loving the church and are repenting and will be baptized.
this week is really short but i love you guys and im doing great!!

Sister Penni

Hello family!

So today is really busy and im short on time but i wanted to write to you all and say that i didnt forget! I would love to respond all of your individual emails but i dont think i will have much time today. I am staying here in Quebec, ut we had a mini transfer here and i will be staying with Sister Tyson who is a new missionary from Utah and i LOVE HER! She is my new companion and i will be training her. YAY!

This week I was traveling to a city called Marília in São Paulo doing splits with the sisters there. That was fun and i got to teach a lot with them.
We were walking around 8pm in their area and saw a dad and his son carrying really heavy groceries. I offered to help them and we carried them to their home where we met his other daughter, his mother in law, and his wife, Lucilene. We had the opportunity to meet a really wonderful family and teach them. They are so ready to hear the gospel and I felt the Spirit so strongly as I got to testify to her that she can return to live with God, our Heavenly Father, with her family in peace and happiness forever. I simply told her that tha twas all possible and more simple than she might think because of Jesus Christ. As the words came out of my mouth, I felt, once again, that that really was true. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It really is good news. I love being a missionary and im excited to hear how this family progresses for those sisters over there.

I am healthy and happy and cant believe its already the end of January!

Love you guys!

Saturday, January 14, 2017


This week was hard. This week was also a blessing. I am going to tell you this story NOT to talk myself up or draw attention. Its so that you guys can see how this week was. I'm just going to cut to the chase lol.

Saturday after lunch, 1pm, we started our fast. Fasting in general is not the easiest thing in the world, especially working. But we started and then the rest of saturday was one of the hottest days ive seen. With that kind of sun that burns a little bit. ITs like when we get in the hot car after church before the air kicks in and we all yell a little bit. Thats brasil. We were suffering quite a bit when we got home, but I trust that the Lord strengthened us. I prayed and really visited with my Father in Heaven and felt spiritually edified and sunday morning we went to church. During the second hour, I started feeling really sick. I became really week and decided it was better for my health to finish my fast and drink water before i passed out. (Dont worry, it wasnt serious). I finished and found the first little classroom i could to sit for a few. The first irmã from the ward that i saw was Wanderlecy. I, embarrassed, asked if she had a mint or something to raise my blood sugar. She pulled out crackers and gave them to me and took really good care of me. She told me she could be my mom for the day lol. She started to laugh and told me that last night she took all of the food out of her bag because she want going to go to church with any of her grandkids. Something told her loud and clear, ´´Bring them.´´ and she immediately listened without knowing why and I felt so grateful that she listened to the Spirit. She was my miracle this week. I recovered quickly and prayed thanking the Lord. He has prompted me that morning to bring something to munch on during the afternoon and i ignored it. I'm thankful that Heavenly Father blessed me even in my ignorance and disobedience to his spiritual prompting.
Miracles are real. If we will hear the Spirit and act, we will be His Hands here on earth.

Lots of other great things from this week that i would love to tell you but i cant type fast enough. Enjoy some pictures. LOVE YOU GUYS!