Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 40!

This week is week 40 of my mission!
We worked really hard this week and had a lot of fun together!!
Our investigator, Beatriz is progressing well and we are just trying to help her accept the invitation to be baptized. Please pray for her.

Here are some pictures with my companion from this week!

Done with Dengue

This week we stayed at home because my companion was SUPER sick but i had a lot of time to study the scriptures and learn a lot!
I took the dengue vaccine this week so theres a plus!
The Lord is blessing us with miracles. Our investigator returned home this week from traveling and will hopefully be baptized this week. Her name is Bruna and she is a wonderful woman who is searching the The Christ in a time of a lot of challenges in her life. More details and pictures to come.
Also, the daughter of a recent convert in the ward went to church this sunday and we are goign to start teaching her. 
Although we didnt get to ´work´normal this week, the Lord is blessing us with people to teach.

Im so grateful for The Savior and all that He did and does for me. I know the Church is true. I love you all. 

Boa semana!!!


Yep- it finally happened. Dengue hit. Luckily, i didnt catch it, but my poor companion, SIster Lima got dengue! This week has been filled with hospital visits, taking care of her, and thats about it. We worked really hard during the beginning of the week but then she got sick. 
However, the Lord blessed us with a miracle this week- Bruna. We met this humble family that is passing through many many many challenges and they went to church even though we didnt get the chance to and we are going to start teaching them. I am so touched by their humility and true desire to search for The Christ in their great times of need. We had the opportunity to talk with our mission president and his wife yesterday too because they brought soup for my companion and i so enjoyed the sweet spirit that they left in our apartment after they left.

I will try to take more photos this week; Love you all!

I know that this church is true and that Christ lives. Learn of Him.

Boa Semana!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Little London!!

Londrina means little london. This city is beautiful! Transfers went well and I am here in Londrina in the 3rd ward with my companion Sister Lima! She is wonderful!!!!
We arrived at our apartment SUPER LATE on monday night, and we live with another companionship of sisters, Sister Passos e Sister Fidelix. They are super cool!!!
We had pizza one night (picture below) and here are some other pictures with me and my companions/friends.
Our new area is great and our new ward is great too! Im just loving it here so far in Londrina! I can receive letters every week while im here in Londrina so thats cool too. Not a ton to report this week but here are some pictures!
Missionary work is such a blessing. Read the scriptures. Boa semana!!!
Sister Penni