Sunday, April 9, 2017

one month!

a little over a month and she'll be home!

Sister Email

I have absolutely no time this week and thats sad because i really wanted to talk with you guys, but next week we will talk a little more (I HOPE!) Next monday is transfers week, AHH!

I am super excited for General Conference this weekend and i hope that you guys soak it all up too! Write me about your spiritual experiences. I know for certain that this is Jesus Christ´s Church. If you dont know for certain yet, THATS OK. I didnt know until i came here.  But i figured out how to get my own questions answered here. Ask God and it shall be answered. I know thats true!

You are all beautiful and i cant wait to be reunited wiht my Sisters!!!!!

Love you all! Here is me with sister tyson. you guys would love her.



Some of the many adventures of Sister Kalee Jae Tyson and Sister Megan Dawn Penni.
We love eating these pastels and juice on pday...

Sister Tyson

This week I did a lot of office work because we are planning a conference with all the sisters in the mission! It will be great! 
We kept super busy and Sister Tyson´s feet are getting better, yay!!
I heard back from BYU this week and I was accepted to Provo, Utah so I will start there in the Fall.

New Area- Leonor

This week, me and my companion arrived in our new area, Leonor!
Lots of adventures in getting to know the area and the members.
We also had a leadership council and i was asked to give a training on working with the members and I had the privilege of bearing my testimony of missionary work and sharing my familys experience. I feel so fortunate that the missionaries found my family and that my parents accepted the gospel and that I have the opportunity to be sealed to my family for all time and eternity and serve in the Brazil Londrina Mission. It was a great experience and we all left more motivated to search for souls.
We also met many wonderful members this week (active and inactive) and had the opportunity to teach some great families. Please pray that the members here invite their friends and famlies to hear us and that we can find the people prepared for us here.
I absolutely adore my companion, Sister Tyson. She has taught me so many things during our short time together. She taught me that happiness is always a choice and never depends on our circumstances. We laugh and work together all day long and she is just such a blessing.
Invite somebody to come to your home and hear a message from the missionaries this week. They are much more likely to accept an invitation to hear a message about Jesus Christ than about your church.
Love you all!!
Here are some pictures of us with our new best friends in our ward. Their mom is a member that is coming back to church and their dad isnt a member. We taught them about the importance of families yesterday. It was a great experience!