Monday, January 25, 2016

Transfer 1, Week 4

Hello Family!
How are you all doing?! I dont have a TON of stuff to report this week. We sure have been having some difficulties but have seen so many miracles and blessings too, so no complaints. We met an amazing guy named Junior while contacting. We walked right by him but heard some noise so we turned around and it looked like he wanted to talk to us and was trying to talk. It turns out he is deaf and mute. He is this super cool guy! We communicated with him through writing back and forth in our planners and he said he wants to learn the word of God. We obviously invited him to church and He ACTUALLY CAME! We tried our best to explain things to him and we are teaching him more lessons this week. So- that is awesome and a miracle.

Its been super hot here. These pictures pretty much sum up my life right now lol- O livro de Mórmon and Pregar Meu Evangelho and toms tan lines. Its casual.

I love my companion, Sister Smith. We laugh all the time and have so much fun even when we are casually dying lol.

We are just pushing along and working hard. I love hearing all the updates from you all! I miss you all so much but this is exactly where I need to be! I am learning so much.

I wish so badly that i would have started treasuring the scriptures sooner in life- so my thought this week is to read the Book of Mormon. It is fascinating and wonderful and is absolutely the word of God. Read it everyday. 


Sister Penni

PDay again!

Holy cow! Thats all i have to say lol. This week has been crazy to be honest. We have had lots of difficulties and trials and have been so tired. Apucarana is literally so hilly. BUT, we have also seen many miracles and blessings. Satan is working hard on us and our investigators but its finally next week so we will have a better week. We are hoping to baptize a few people this weekend, we would have this last one theres that. The whole city and surrounding cities have been without water so we went without a toilet and shower and sinks for a few days but got to shower at a members home so that was a huge blessing. Water is back and we always somehow were taken care of.
One day we were leaving the apartment and there was a man with a caixo (rain catcher) basically and it was super huge, like almost a pool lol and he was just giving away water to those who needed it and we definitely did. He gave it away for free and was placed RIGHT in front of our apartment. The Lord truly always provides.
I will try and send some pictures so wait fo rthose.

Hows the fam?! I miss you all so much

Friday, January 15, 2016

HOLY COW! that's all I have to say

Bom Día minha família bonita!!!

I am officially in the mission field for a whole week. I am currently serving in Apucarana Brasil with my amazing wonderful american sister trainer companion- Sister Smith. She only has 4 months left in her mission but we are working togethert so well. I am learning so much i cant even tell you. Portuguese is so difficult but i am learning.

I have learned so many lessons just in this first week. I basically swam here to the computers because it is raining more than i have ever seen in my life lol. my umbrella already broke but dont worry ill get a new one. I went from 2 days of sweating my body weight everyday and toms tan lines to swimming to membersz home.

The members are amazing. I am serving in a branch right now and they are all so receptive and loving and are excited to have sisters which is cool. 

I have an amazing experience to share. My companion and I were walking along the street and were going to make contacts, we didnt know which way to go so we just kept walking straight and there was a man in the street fixing his car window. His house had a bunch of guys with loud music and some beers etc so we werent going to stop but he looked at us so we stopped to talk to him outside his house. Without even asking he doesnt drink, doesnt smoke, is single, doesnt believe in doing things contrary to the law of chastity, and was thinking about how he wants to find the truth and really follow and it and was telling his brtother  yesterday that he hopes someone would bring him the truth. We so easily could have turned even one step out of that direction and not talked to him. He said he felt like we were coming for him when he saw us. Amazing and literal miracle. But it gets even more amazing lol. 
He came to church on sunday and said it was the best sunday of his life and absolutely loved it. We showed up at his house later sunday night and ended up teaching 6...SIX...of his roommates and him about the gospel of jesus christ and the plan of salvation. All of these unlikely people accepted and loved the message. We answered all their questions and they all want to come to church on sunday and accepted the invitation to prepare to be baptized. 

Right now we are trying to organize a stake in Apucarana area and need more men and the Spirit directed us to 6 potential men who are eager to hear the truth. I dont know how it will all turn out for them but we will keep teaching and praying for them. Please pray for them. I know the Lord has people already prepared here for the gospel and we are just finding them.

Believe me, not everyday has a story like that but that was definitely the highlight of the week. The mission is super hard lol but i am doing super well and hanging in there. 

Mom- we receive packages every transfer so if the package didnt arrive before this first transfer, then i wont get it for 5 more weeks just so you know. 
I love you all so much and ask for your continued faith and prayers.

i know the gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is our Savior and through him we can do anything.

I am praying for you all by name and will get faster at reading your emails so I can respond to more but please tell the whole family I am safe and working hard and that I love and miss you all.


Sister Penni