Monday, February 22, 2016


I am now in a trio still with Sister Smith but now also with Sister Knoll. Three americans together. Super weird haha. But we are loving it! We are all still in Apucarana and things are going great!
This week´s email will be a little strange just because right now we are in Londrina for Visa stuff for Sister Smith and for a zone conference tomorrow with a few other cities in Parana, Brasil.
This week we got caught in a rainstorm so that was super interesting and ill send pictures next week but things are going well and we are just trying to find more people to teach! Junior is doing well and we are running into a lot of ´coincidences´(we know they are not) with people who have a Book of Mormon already or have heard of the church. Super cool.
One thing i thought about a lot this week was perseverar até o fim. It is so important that after we have faith, repent, are baptized, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, we endure to the END! (i just realized that i wrote in portuguese. wow. I cant speak portuguese or english anymore). Going to church, reading scriptures, prayer, everything is all part of enduring to the end and it is a direct safe path that leads back to our Father.
Also, go look up The Answer is in the Doctrine by Elder Bednar. It is a life changing. We read it as a companionship this week and it changed everything. It is amazing. Dont get caught up in applications. Our testimonies and the answers should be and are in the doctrine.
I love you all and will email better and send more pictures next week! Be safe and know I love you!
If i dont answer each email individually- i will save it and answer next week. I'm sorry this week is so weird!!

Monday, February 15, 2016


Another Monday!!!

I am staying here in Apucarana with Sister Smith and I am super excited!! Some updates for the week-
JUNIOR GOT BAPTIZED! It was a complicated mess but eventually it all worked out and he was baptized and it was amazing. It was so cool to do a baptism without words- because he cant hear- and we just all felt the spirit and he was so excited. Sister Smith and I feel so blessed to know him and it was such a cool experience to watch somebody come to know the gospel, choose to love it and live it, and make a covenant with God. WOW!

We did a family home evening with a family this week about the vision of the tree of life and we talked about the four multitudes of people and how we can apply that to living the gospel today. It was super cool and i gained a stronger testimony of FHE because it truly strengthens family. There is nothing cooler than watching a family enjoy the gospel together. We left them with a conference talk called Stay by the Tree. Look it up. Its amazing!!

Sister Smith and I are working with our investigators and are trying to find more people this week. Also, we might start teaching an english class which is cool!!!

Things are going well here in Apucarana and I am learning so much. We are so lucky to have the gospel. 

Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior, The Book of Mormon is true and He established his church again on the earth through a prophet of God. Missionary work is fun. Do it. Help the missionaries.

I have a lot more pictures that i will try and send to you guys. A lot of them are on Sister Smiths camera so if i can get them from her, then i will. If not, i will try next week. Here is us with Junior before his baptism!! Also, that is a picture of the esfirras that we made. A member taught us how! They are filled with brigadeiro e morango (something chocolatey and strawberries). YUM!

 Sister Penni

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello Family!!!

This week was a really good but hard week! Junior is progressing so well and wants to be baptized and i feel so blessed to know him. He is such an example of faith and love and he is amazing. We are trying to learn to sign for him and he is getting baptized this weekend and i can hardly wait!!! Transfers are next week so I don't have any news about that yet!! 
We went and met with a lady in the ward and helped her clean and ended up learning how to cook esfirras (delicious baked dough filled with whatever you want.) SO GOOD!
we are working hard and its super hot here! Carnaval is happening this week which means pretty much nothing for Apucarana but in big cities, its basically a big party because...why not. Pretty cool.

Not a ton to report this week other than miracles are real and Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives. The Book of Mormon is true, people! 

I want to hear about share the love!!!

Love you all!!

Picture- Mais Amor por favor.
more love please
cool grafitti in brasi

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 5

Hello Family!

I loved getting all of your emails this week. Not a lot out of the normal this week. It was Apucaranas birthday this weekend so there were fairs and running races and lots of activity in the centro. We just worked really hard again this week.

Sister Smith is amazing. I am so blessed with a wonderful companion. Mom- yes we are eating well. Actually, here in Brasil, the main meal of the day is lunch so we eat lunch with members everyday and then usually just eat light when we get home. The members feed us so well. I am in love with stroganoff here- not what you think it is. Way better. Also, we eat saladas, arroz e feijão (rice and beans) basically everyday. The food is amazing.

Also, we taught a 4 hour lesson with Junior this week. I cant remember if I already explained him but we found him doing contacts and he is deaf and mute. He is a super cool guy who loves to learn. He is such a special spirit and it was so powerful to feel the spirit in the room as we used books and videos and pamphlets to teach the truth to someone who has never heard or spoken in his life. I gained such a powerful testimony that eloquent and persuasive words are not required for conversion, words arent required at all to feel the spirit. (thank goodness because my portuguese words are limited hahaha). But really... He has such a cool background story and has turned his life around. He lives in Londrina but wants to move here and it just happens (by divine intervention) that he was right where he was in the street when we found him. We are finishing lessons this week and he wants to be baptized so we are helping him prepare for that. 

I have loved reading in mid-Alma this week about the missionary work of Ammon, Alma, and the sons of Mosiah. My companion and I can totally relate with Alma 31: 34-35. These sould are so precious and we just are praying for the power to bring them to Christ. I just cant explain enough how obvious and simple and true the gospel is. We have to cling to it because it is too easy for people to fall away. I have learned so much watching investigators accept and treasure the word, and ignore it and choose not to partake.

I made brazilian heath bar cake this week (none of the same american ingredients but same idea) for a missionary's birthday this week and it was delish.

I love you all so much. I miss you all so much.

Brooke- Happy Birthday on Saturday. I love you!
Ms. Behrle- Good luck with Share the Love. I am so excited to hear how it goes!
Everyone- Read the Book of Mormon. Just do it. You wont walk away the same!

I love you all. 

Sister Megan Penni